Rebuilds & Reconditioning

Monarch offers beautiful custom, fully-reconditioned and guaranteed machines.

Our rebuilds are efficient, high-speed and produce high-quality fabrics. Monarch rebuilds are like-new because Monarch produces factory replacement parts manufactured to the high-quality technical specifications that are unmatched in the knitting industry. No aftermarket product compares to the confidence you get with original Monarch machinery, coupled with our expert technical service.

Rebuilding & Reconditioning

We offer full rebuilding of used existing Monarch machines at our Monroe, North Carolina facility – from fresh paint to new circuitry and updated cooling. On occasion, customers requesting a rebuild may take the opportunity to upgrade parts or develop unique machine customizations. Monarch machinery always stands the test of time – guaranteed.

Legacy Parts

We have an expert Parts Department and a fully stocked 54,000 square-foot warehouse of new and used parts to recondition machines properly. Depending on the machine, we have access to source any new and used stock in the UK and Japan. Nearly every part ever designed by Monarch, delivered anywhere in the world.

Knowledge-base & Documentation

We understand the history of our machines and the cams, carriers and other critical parts that have evolved over the years – and have access to the design specs! We have a large and knowledgeable technical staff on call to suggest the best machine, parts, and setup.